Libanet has strongly proven its presence in the MENA region. As airport services constitute Libanet's most dynamic division, the company strives to be the leader in the aviation industry services in the region and beyond.

Given Libanet's vision is also to offer a wide span of services to airline companies, we aim to constantly offer new services to our clients.

Attracting and retaining air travel passengers is the core of any aviation business. Libanet shares its customer's commitment to safe, clean, and efficient services on the ground and in the air. Since its establishment, the company has given high consideration to the effective management of health and safety throughout the entire divisions of its awarded projects. This consideration has been developed within the vision of the organization.


Clean environment is our dictum.

Libanet is persistently aiming to deliver quality services to its clientele that meet with their outlook and enhance significantly their passengers' flight experience. The company's unique know-how, extensive adeptness and lofty professionalism have proved to be the company's most valuable assets.

Throughout its years of operation, the holding company, Libanet sarl, and its subsidiaries have managed to acquire a precious corporate image that reflects high levels of commitment and dedication to achieve customer and client satisfaction. It is part of our company's culture to stress on meeting and exceeding clients, customers, and facility operators' needs and expectations through high level of quality services.