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Libanet, a label for traveling safely and comfortably in airports

Libanet, a label for traveling safely and comfortably in airports Libanet, a label for traveling safely and comfortably in airports

Since Charbel Khalil’s start of service with Libanet in 1999 as Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (BRHIA) Ground Operations Manager at both the Terminal premises and the Ramp, he has witnessed Libanet’s team finding an upwards of $500,000 in lost cash, not to mention jewelry, phones, laptops, tablets, medicines, you name it …

Recently, in January 2014, no less than 12,000$ cash were found at BRHIA on a Middle East Airlines (MEA) Aircraft. A Libanet’s employee on a Transit Cleaning task came across the sum of money. Although, security checks are standard procedures on every Transit Flight before the Libanet team is allowed on board, sometimes things are missed. Airport security also checks staff boarding and disembarking Aircrafts before and after each Transit Cleaning to discourage any foul play. Having said that, it is important to note, that Libanet has zero tolerance for larceny of any kind and this is encrypted in the staff training and the consequence of any wrong-doing is swift. The money in question was immediately handed to Libanet’s supervisor on the plane, who in turn handed the cash to Airport security.

Transit work done on the plane, although time sensitive, is pretty thorough: for example the team cleans all the Seats, Restrooms, Galleys, etc. The team also vacuums the whole Aircraft and folds blankets and put new pillows. Staff ends up finding earrings, iPods, tablets, laptops forgotten in seat crevices and blankets … Speaking of blankets, another $8000 were found wrapped up in a blanket last December 2013 and handed back to security. Sometimes, even passports are found. According to Khalil, anything found by Libanet is returned to its owners through Airport Security and the finder is congratulated and rewarded. It makes sense: the company’s reputation, as well as its clients’, is at stake. If it were not for an irreproachable corporate culture and ethics, would the company have grown so much lately and won bids in both Jordan and Saudi Arabia?

As for lost items in airports, they are mainly found in the rest rooms where no security or cameras are present and the sole presence is the staff integrity. Often ladies forget their rings or watches, wallets or complete handbags. Ten days ago, a diamond ring was found by a Libanet employee and was returned to its owner.

According to Khalil, 85% of objects or money lost by travelers is retrieved by the staff. Khalil manages a team of 180 employees in charge of servicing the Airport Terminal and 70 employees in charge of servicing the Aircrafts.

Above recounts make traveling comfortably and safely in Airports managed by Libanet a reality, not a dream.