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Libanet wins agreement with SGS to provide aircraft fleet services to all carriers serving the largest 4 airports of Saudi Arabia

Libanet wins agreement with SGS to provide aircraft fleet services to all carriers serving the largest 4 airports of Saudi Arabia

Libanet wins agreement with SGS to provide aircraft fleet services to all carriers serving the largest 4 airports of Saudi Arabia

A yearly target of 350,000 flights to be serviced by Libanet over 3 years

Libanet, the leading aviation industry services provider, announced it signed a three years aircraft Fleet Services contract with Saudia Ground Services Company (SGS), the Jeddah based ground handler, operating solely through all KSA airports, to provide a wide scope of services to all carriers serving the four largest airports in Saudi Arabia, namely: Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and Madina. “This agreement is in line with Libanet’s vision and 2011 strategic decision to expand in the Saudi market”, commented Tony Saade, CEO and founder of Libanet.

The agreement comes at a time where Saudi Arabia is seeing flights to its country soar, in line with GACA (General Authorities of Civil Aviation) long-term strategy to build and renovate its domestic and international hubs to accommodate a projected 3 years’ traffic flow of 57 million passengers. SGS, who handles ground services in the Kingdom Airports, is subcontracting its aircraft services to Libanet in the four largest ones. The aviation industry is currently witnessing a growing trend in subcontracting, whether airports facilities management activities or aircrafts related services, due in part to the growth in air traffic, especially in the GCC region.  “Services outsourcing in the aviation industry is a growing trend given the restricted Labour Laws whether for airports facilities, management activities or aircrafts related services, which all represent the core activity of the company”, commented Tony Saade. 

The contract signed between Libanet and SGS is a multi-task scope one where Libanet has committed to perform services to more than 320,000 aircrafts for all carriers. In this regard, during July 2014, Libanet conducted trial night tests at Jeddah King Abdel-Aziz Airport for transiting flights of Saudi Airlines mainly, as well as Turkish Airlines, Pakistan International Airways and Sudan Airways. The operations would be launched in Riyadh- King Khaled Airport (KKIA) effective January 1st, 2015, covering 55 commercial carriers, or the equivalent of 100,000 flights a year at KKIA. “This new agreement for Libanet is a further testimonial of the quality standards the company provides, as well as of our expertise in the vast aviation field and the reputation we built for ourselves across the years in the International airports of the Middle East region”, added Saade.

Libanet currently employs over 1300 employees and would need to hire around 1200 additional staffers to execute this agreement.  Aircraft services means cabins management, i.e. interior cabin cleaning, exterior aircraft washing, in addition to a new service the company is developing: Lavatory Service and Potable water services to short grounding time flights. Aircraft services can range from a 10 minutes transit cleaning that is a particularly time sensitive process, to a full 8 hours deep cleaning performed mostly in the hangar and where all inside aircraft details are meticulously attended to. In addition, Libanet teams also provide cabin dressing and grooming services. “The meticulous aspect of Libanet’s services has met the clients’ satisfaction and the OTP (On Time Performance) challenges in the aviation industry over the years”, added Saade, “and has driven our expansion due to the professionalism of our teams and the fact they take their task at heart: in the end, a neat environment is also a safe, secure and confortable one, and conveys a positive and reassuring image of the airline company”.

Libanet has over 17 years of experience in the aviation services industry and has established a track record in the quality of services provided to over 40 airline companies and four international airports in the MENA region. In 2013, Libanet won a contract to provide airline services to NasAir in both Jeddah and Riyadh stations. In 2012, Libanet was re-selected as the preferred bidder for the Facilities Management in the new Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, after servicing the old terminal for three years. It is worth noting that three airports serviced by Libanet were on the top 10 list of Skytrax’ Middle East Best Airports in 2014, and these are: Riyadh King Khalid International Airport; Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport and; Amman Queen Alia International Airport.

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About Libanet

Libanet is a leading company in the airports and airlines sector, and an integral part of the complex aviation network and its multiple services. From aircraft cleaning to main terminal services to aviation ramp management, Libanet is deeply experienced in all aspects of the aviation industry related services. It was established in 1997 and provides a wide array of services to the aviation sector, whether airports or airlines, across the MENA region.  The company operates presently in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, serving four international airports, and is the service provider of over 40 airline carriers operating in the Middle East region.

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